The most beautiful part of our religion – Akhlaq

Good etiquette is the way to attain honor in this life and happiness in the next. It is related from our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) that the believer with the best character and etiquette is one with the most perfect faith. Remember that good etiquette is the best blessing after having accepted Islam.

The elders [masha’ikh] have mentioned ten signs of good etiquette:

(1) Meeting people with a cheerful attitude
(2) Empathizing with others
(3) Helping those in dire need
(4) Not obstructing people’s good actions and intentions
(5) Not speaking ill of people nor picking out and spreading faults of people
(6) Noting one’s own faults and others’ good characteristics
(7) Treating kindly those who wrong you
(8) Accepting the apology of someone who has wronged you
(9) Choosing moderation in everything
(10) Staying away from worthless pursuits

Read the full article here. – only 2 pages


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